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I'm consuming... Business Coaching - Celeste Halliday

Celeste Halliday in action
Celeste Halliday

Celeste was my business coach for almost a year, and what a tumultuous year that was. I often look back and wonder if I could have done it without her. The answer is, yes, I probably could have, but wow what a difference it made having her to bounce stuff off and guide me with sage and relatable suggestions. Celeste's ability to connect, and specifically with me, to objectively understand the situation and pull me up and force me to see the woods and not the trees, helped immeasurably. Her guidance, counselling, experience and business acumen not only made the journey bearable, I also learned and grew in the process. While I say I probably could have done it alone, more than likely it would have taken years and who knows what the ups and downs of my mental state would have been without her.

Speaker, Author, Coach

Celeste works with leaders and their teams, to improve workplace culture, drive high-performance, achieve strategic and operational goals, and humanise the way they work.

Although Celeste is in Australia, the early morning meetings suited me perfectly, they started my day on a positive note with oomph and motivation.


Do I need business coaching?

Everyone should have a coach at some stage in their lives!

The value of a good coach is unfathomable. However it is very dependent on how much you put in and managing your expectations of what you expect to get out.

Equally important is to find a coach that you respect and can relate to. I have had coaches before where I felt like I was on the production line in a factory. The same old phrases and business terminology spewing forth. I felt like I was having a book read to me. One that I'd read multiple times before. It's vital that you feel a connection with your coach, and that they understand your personality, strengths and weaknesses... and speak your language.

This is significant in order to fully grasp the process. It needs to be something you believe in and buy into. Celeste was this for me on day 1.

A coach or a therapist?

Picture this: you're driving on the road to success, and you've got two passengers to help you out—your business coach and your therapist. They might both want what's best for you, but they have different roles in your journey.

First up, the business coach! Think of them as your trusty GPS, guiding you through the twists and turns of your entrepreneurial path. They are all about helping you set clear goals, develop strategies, and unleash your full potential. A coach focuses on your professional growth and skill development, offering valuable insights, advice, and action plans to boost your performance.

On the other hand, your therapist is more like your personal mechanic, taking care of your mental and emotional engine. Their primary focus is on your inner world—those feelings, thoughts, and experiences that can affect your overall well-being. Therapists are skilled at helping you tackle emotional obstacles, past traumas, or any life challenges that might be holding you back.

To sum it up, a business coach is there to elevate your professional game, while a therapist is all about improving your mental and emotional state. So, when you're looking for guidance in your business endeavors, turn to your coach, and when you need some emotional tune-up, it's time to book a session with your therapist.

Do it(?)!

If you're even thinking about it - jump in and do some research. Celeste was perfect for me, however there are hundreds of business coaches out there. Google, ask Chat CPT, ask around for recommendations. I know you won't be sorry!

Celeste can be reached at

Feel free to contact me, I'm happy to take you through my experience!

Ashleigh Parry signing off

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