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About me

My (frank) Story

My story is not plain sailing... 

I was born in Zimbabwe, my family moved to South Africa when I was 6 years old.  My father, Robin Kemp, was born in Burma, a British colony at the time.  He was literally kidnapped by his father when he was about the same age I was when we left Zimbabwe, and taken to what was no doubt seen as deepest-darkest-Africa at the time, to start farming in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia).  My mother, Margaret, has been a role model ahead of her time, a working mother, having obtained two degrees and lectured at UNISA, the Cape Technicon, and more recently, very illustriously: the Cape Wine Academy.  She is a total wine snob.  Both my parents have played (and still play at the tender ages of 76 and 84) squash for South Africa. 

We lived in Johannesburg for 2 years, where I went to Houghton Primary, until my father was transferred to Cape Town, where we lived for 6 years.  I went to Zonnekus Laerskool and Milnerton High School.  Far be it for us to stay in one place for too long, we moved back to Johannesburg in 1988 where I finished school at Kingsmead College for girls.  The introduction to a private all-girls school was a shock, to say the least, but I thrived, excelling academically and on the hockey field and tennis court.


Things start getting a bit rocky from here, I was accepted into Mechanical Engineering at UCT.  My first year was not comprised of my finest moments in history.  Suffice to say my parents hauled me back to Johannesburg, denying me a second year (or any further years) of debauchery, and enrolled me in a secretarial course at Kelly Greenoaks.  If Kelly were still around, I suspect there may still be a plaque on their wall noting me as their highest achiever ever.  Although, I did learn to touch type which has held me in great stead, especially with the introduction of computers. Ironically it was also at Kelly Greenoaks that I was introduced to computers and my first taste of technology and the internet! (#CollectiveGasp from my kids.)


I then moved to London where I managed to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, passed with distinction.  I was in London for 10 years!  I also did my MCSE (some important-at-the-time Microsoft certification) which landed me a real job at Accenture.  Up until then I had been travelling and working in restaurants and bars.  At one stage (to my mother's endless delight) I was the manager of an exclusive champagne bar in the city, which was an experience of note!  I can elegantly articulate the various aspects and attributes of magnificent, bone-dry, French Champagne.  University of Life stuff.  I also climbed Kilimanjaro in 2000 - my training was walking to and from work on the extreme flatlands of London.  As a result, the climb itself is a story for another time.  (I did get there though!)


Coming back to South Africa was always bubbling, and when I finally made the leap, I found time to do a field guide (aka game ranger) course in the bush for 6 weeks.  The perfect antidote to London life.  I did, however, overcome an irrational fear of spiders.  And a hyena ate one of my hiking boots (borrowed from my sister, Dianne). 

Things got real from there - I got married, bought a proper house,  was blessed with two marvellous children (Sebastian & Benjamin), got divorced, and had many jobs in between.  You can read about those below.  

I am fortunate enough to have had a strong and supportive family along the way.  Growing up in South Africa teaches you the true meaning of " 'n boer maak 'n plan".


I hope all this serves to show a very rounded, albeit varied and unusual, background.  I firmly believe this has provided me with the ability to look at things from an extremely objective, non-boxed, industrious point of view.  Working in a variety of industries, functions, roles, and sizes of businesses has facilitated insight through multiple lenses.  I am passionate about living my values in all that I do.  

My Story




noun/  ɔːθenˈtɪsəti

the quality of being real or true


noun/  kjʊə.riˈɒs.ə.ti

an eager wish to know or learn about something


noun/  draɪv

energy and 

determination to 

achieve things


noun/  təˈnæs.ə.ti

the determination to continue what you are doing



2023 - current 

2019 - 2023

2017 - 2019

2014 - 2017

2009 - 2014

2006 - 2009

2000 - 2006


HamiltonParry (Pty) Ltd

After 25 years on the hamster wheel, I decided that I needed a different purpose, adding value is one of my extreme drivers.  I believe in driving real, measurable results. I felt with my experience, expertise, and genuine care for building strong businesses and teams, HamiltonParry could be confident in its ability to help take businesses to new heights of success.

Country President

Securitas South Africa

Securitas is the 2nd largest security company globally, headquarters in Sweden - listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

I had ultimate accountability for the strategy, performance and business direction of the South African business, reporting into the Board of Directors and AMEA Divisional President.

Achievements: I successfully navigated the business through COVID, the July riots, two wage negotiations and many regulatory changes  I restructured the business, entirely revamped compliance, commercial, HR and operational functions.  I standardised multiple processes and varying technologies to streamline service operations and client experience. 

Managing Director

Vumacam (Pty) Ltd

Vumacam is an open-access Video-Management-as-a-Service provider Vumacam was a start-up business which I was involved in from inception as employee number 0001. 

•Setting up the business, structures, platform, staff, and processes. 

•Researching technical requirements and appointing strategic partners. 

•Commercial modeling and product creation.

•Reporting to shareholders. 

•Setting and implementing staff remuneration and performance criteria. 

•Setting vision, mission and strategy and creating and implementing associated business plans. 

•Setting budgets and targets. 

•Instilling company culture. 

•Developing marketing strategy. 

•Liaising with media.

•Drafting legal agreements and statutory documentation in line with POPIA and regulatory requirements.

•Coordinating divisions and adherence to targets and business goals

Achievements: Set up a business that has a DCF valuation of R2bn forecast over 5 years with a business model that enabled Vumacam to raise over R250m in equity funding.

Managing Director

CSS Tactical (Pty) Ltd

CSS Tactical is a residential security business, specialising in proactive patrolling, armed response, guarding and CCTV Surveillance

Profitability, across areas and divisions – supporting leadership team
Setting and reviewing divisional targets
Reporting to shareholders

Achievements:  First year of profitability & successful sale of business

General Manager

Aspivia Intelligent Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd

Aspivia IT is a software development company operating in the telecommunications industry providing systems that assist with managing telecommunications spend and allocation.

Created and implemented support request logging process and system.
Created and implemented business processes for the operations, sales and development environment.
Created HR and company policies and processes.
Refined company structures and clarified roles and responsibilities. 
Solution and capacity planning.
Implemented and directed financial processes to be in line with companies act. 
Created and implemented Sales commission structures.
Successful implementation of new release to selection of biggest clients.


General Manager: New Business Development


1Lifedirect is the first truly direct life insurer in South Africa, they are owned by Budget Holdings UK and part of Telesure Investment Holdings.


•Implemented external sales projects with 3rd party companies.

•Implemented white-labelled new channel of distribution (First for Women Life).

•Developed and implemented online sales portal.

•Implementation of outbound sales call centre. Implementation of mall campaigns.

•Continuously maximizing cross-selling opportunities within Telesure database.

•Implementation of MIS system (QlikView).

•Implementation of mobile website.

•Implementation of multiple processes and system enhancements.


Accenture UK

Production Services | Jupiter Project




Kingsmead College for Girls

Melrose, Johannesburg

BSc. Information Systems


achieved with distinction

(who would have thought?)

(Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)

ITIQ, Cape Town

ComputaCentre, London



Illovo, Johannesburg

Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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